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She Talks to Butterflies Wood pallet by Barbara Krupp

"She Talks to Butterflies" Art Decor Wood pallet. This 20x20 image is 100% made in the USA. At our shop, we use treated lumber to make our pallets to size. We then use a UV printing process to print on top of the assembled pallet. The pallet is weather resistant making it able to hang outside or inside. It comes with a wire hanger attached and ready to hang. Heavy construction and quality throughout. Made from 1x4 wood planks.

Price: $69.00
She Talks to Butterflies

She talks to Butterflies 10x10, giclee canvas

Price: $90.00
Blue Violin

Blue Violin 10x10, giclee canvas

Price: $90.00
Dancing Flowers

Dancing Flowers 10x10, giclee canvas

Price: $90.00
Ocean Delight

Ocean Delight 10x10, giclee canvas

Price: $90.00
Sand Dune Flower

Sand Dune Flower 10x10, giclee canvas

Price: $90.00
Tumbling Dafodils

Tumbling Dafodils 10x10, giclee canvas

Price: $90.00
Blue Violin 20X20 abstract on acrylic

Blue Violin 20X20

Price: $430.00
Dancing Flowers 20X20 abstract acrylic

Dancing Flowers 20X20

Price: $430.00
She Talks to Butterflies 20X20 abstract acrylic image

She Talks to Butterflies 20X20

Price: $430.00
Dancing Flowers, She Talks to Butterflies and Blue Violin by Barbara Krupp. Set of 3 - 30x30. Each giclee canvas is 30x30 in size

 Set of 3 canvas by Barbara Krupp. Featured with Brushstroke Enhancements (3-30x30 gallery wrapped giclee canvas

Price: $660.00